Our Roots

I am equity. I am justice. I am oneness.

Yoga For All Movement (YFAM), started as a desire to afford others the opportunity to participate in yoga.

As someone who has always struggled with my self-regard and my connection to my healing body - yoga was a nonjudgmental sanctuary for me to regain control of my physical experience.

When everything else was going on in my life, the yoga mat felt like the closest connection I had to home.

The more I did yoga, the more I realized that just like other healing modalities (acupuncture, massage, spa days, etc.) yoga was becoming increasingly more expensive for me to practice. There I was, a 20-something, working, privileged woman, and my yoga practice was almost becoming unaffordable.

If I felt like the yoga class was out of my league, were other people feeling the same way?

What do you burn for?