Yoga Fest 2017

Please accept our sincere gratitude for supporting Yoga For All Movement (YFAM), at our first ever Yoga Fest on October 1st, 2017. We at YFAM have been deeply moved by the community forming with and around us. We would also like to publicly acknowledge that we know people are hurting. There is grief, loss, and despair in the world right now and just as we feel the abundance of support form our community and neighbors, we know that the pain and suffering is very real. In a time where yoga may seem indulgent or frivolous, we honor that the return to within can be the safest place. May your yoga mat continue to be a place of sanctuary and refuge. We promise to do our part by providing a space where all people can continue to return within themselves for safety, comfort, and healing.

Thank you for being a part of Yoga Fest, thank you for your continued commitment to restorative justice, thank you for your support in our mission to provide yoga for all.

Yoga Fest was YFAM’s first public event and we are so glad to have been able to share it with you.

Hannah Muse, accompanied by lovely sound healing from Michael Downey and Terre Le, warmed us up and opened our hearts with a playful and profound yoga class.

After we stretched, breathed, laughed, and connected we tread further along the path to stillness and opening with the help of Mel and Joseph from Mind Body Awareness Project. We saw a glimpse of their experiences teaching meditation to youth in juvenile halls and were led to deeply and serenely peek into our own experience through a guided meditation by Joseph.

At this point we were primed to hear the experiences of our esteemed and passionate panel of speakers: Martine Watkins, Ayla Benjamin, Patterson Emisebe, and Nicole Steward. All of whom burn brightly for yoga equity and restorative justice.

Yoga For All Movement knows that it takes a village to create transformational change. This would not be possible without the gifts of our community and thier support bringing yoga to ALL in Santa Cruz County, the Central Coast, and beyond.

The movement continues to grow!

You can stay connected with the Yoga For All Movement by attending our next “All Hands Meeting” on November 5th. You’ll be able to meet and connect with a community of passionate yogis in service of the greater good and hear more about the organization.

Email us for more information about the November 5th meeting!

We look forward to connecting!

With love and light and solidarity,

Yoga For All Movement