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Here's what our YFAMily has to say:

Ami Cayton, YFAM Volunteer:

“Over time I've noticed many youth have an increased calmness to their demeanor. They enjoy coming to class because they've started to notice the positive effects the practice has had on their lives. It's so rewarding when they've shared that they used skills we taught in class for challenging times, or even just to calm themselves at night.”

Tevis, YFAM Student:

"Through a series of very unfortunate events, I found myself wrongfully incarcerated. Yep. Jail. For quite some time I might add. .

In “the Clink” I got a lot of time to think...and read....and think... .

Then one day I found out the Yoga for All Movement had coming to the Santa Cruz county jail and was offering weekly classes. .

Now, I had nothing but time on my hands so I figured “why not?” Something to kill an hour in my never ending days. The first class was a bit awkward trying to get used to the instruction and poses.

Our instructor explained that you never have to do anything you want to do. .

Everything is a suggestion. .

Just being in jail and having someone tell you that you didn’t HAVE to do something was amazing in itself. But picture a dozen or so hardened convicts in compromising that’s just unheard of. So come the second class, I’m starting to get the hang of the instruction and what’s REALLY being asked of us. It wasn’t just stretch. It was more to settle the mind in this very hectic and violent environment. #Breathe. Settle the mind. #Namaste.

After that class, yoga was something I waited for all week. It couldn’t get here fast enough...For that one hour, I was able to transcend from being caged in a box to being free. .Truly."

Mary Miller Cooke, YFAM Volunteer:

“Children truly are the future, if you want to make a change, start with the roots... our youth are at the roots of the world's possibilities. I believe in planting seeds where I walk; to imbed them in the Earth that's supports us, and to feed those seeds with the highest vibrating nutrients possible; love and compassion. The teachings of yoga show us something beautiful about ourselves and all that surrounds us; we are worthy, just by being here and walking this life together. We are worthy! I want all the open-hearted, tiny beings of this world to grow up knowing that, to be nurtured in that remembrance, and to have a practice that leads them home to the truest nature of the heart; to love and be loved. Talk about ripple effects right?"