Mission & Vision

We burn for accessible yoga.

In 2016 we started a movement to make yoga an accessible practice that not only feels good for incarcerated individuals and is also as a tool to reduce the impact of institutionalization. Since then, we have expanded our outreach and vision, teaching yoga to individuals in recovery from substance abuse, survivors of domestic violence and youth.

The intention of the Yoga For All Movement is to create an outcome that dismantles the "us versus them" dichotomy in our community through the shared practice of yoga. The intended impact for humanity is equity and justice for all.

We envision a four-part mission where yoga is provided as a trauma-informed practice through a continuum of care model:

  • Continue to invite yoga teachers into their seva practice by providing yoga to underserved and at-risk populations
  • Work with for-profit yoga studios in the community to create a system of yoga equity- opening up doors to all walks of life
  • Hosting teacher-training programs in custody. Long-term incarcerated yogis will gain the skills to deepen their practice and leave jail with the ability to teach yoga
  • Creating and availing yoga teaching jobs in Santa Cruz County through our community partners

What do you burn for?